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Audispray display

Compact counter display for Audispray.

In order to get extra attention to Audispray from the consumer, XCJ advertising Production developed a counter display commissioned by TheOTCLAb.

Audispray offer a natural solution based on microbiologically controlled seawater and results in optimal ear hygiene. There are two variants available of the product. The adult variant cleans the ear canal and provides regular hygiene while Audispray Ultra gently treats earwax plugs. Audispray is specially tailored to the anatomy of the ear and therefore comfortable to use. 

The campaign was established in cooperation with Kruidvat. To make the best use of the limited shelf space, the display is compact but still has a striking look and feel. Every display contains 8 Audispray products which were filled and packed by XCJ Fulfilment & Handling.

To stimulate the purchase of the products, a discount of 25% will be given on every item during the action period from February 22 until March 21. Audispray Adult costed 9,36 instead of 12,49 and Audispray ultra costed 10,46 instead of 13,95 during this promotion.

The displays are placed in all 970 Kruidvat branches in the Netherlands.