Lucovitaal floor display

This corrugated cardboard display presents part of the lucovitaal product range.The so called “minis” are possitioned easy to take on the top shelf.The rest of the products range are placed on the two shelf below.These displays are deliverd filled and…

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A.Vogel display

Commissioned by A. Vogel (Belgium), we produced this small display for placement in pharmacies. This display presents the new product “A.Vogel eye tablets”, a food supplement to take with herbs and zinc.

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A.Vogel Hotspot display

Commissioned by A.vogel, we produced this “Hotspot” display for placement at Kruidvat. This display will be placed on the shelf at Kruidvat and presents a part of the Echinaforce assortment of A. Vogel. Echinaforce helps you if your resistance is…

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Audispray display

Compact counter display for Audispray. In order to get extra attention to Audispray from the consumer, XCJ advertising Production developed a counter display commissioned by TheOTCLAb. Audispray offer a natural solution based on microbiologically controlled seawater and results in optimal…

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Dr. Leenarts display

Commissioned by OTC Medical, we produced this cube if corrugated cardboard 4/0 offset printed. This can be used as display material. De products of Drs Leenarts (according to Drs Leenarts) These products are suitable for all skin types, young &…

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Dr. Hauschka display

Commissioned by Dr. Hauschka we produced this corrugated cardboards valentines display with small red boxes(sulfate cardboard). Action/product description(according to Dr. Hauschka) Give your valentine an “actual” good gift with this Dr. Hauschka’s 100% natural and effective cosmetics. This Valentine’s Day,…

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Bausch + Lomb display

Commissioned by OTC Medical we produced this display for Kruidvat. These corrugated cardboard and offset printed shelf display presents the Bausch + Lomb’s range of daily lenses and lens solution. Bausch + Lomb has fully commited themselves to the protection…

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Fluimucil display

Commissioned by OTC Medical we produced this display for Fluimucil. Fluimucil is a line of acetylcysteine-based medicines that liquefies tough mucus in the airways. The mucus that covers the mucous membrane of the airways, plays an important role in the…

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