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2TH Care display

Coming soon to Kruidvat, these corrugated cardboard and offset printed shelf display with 2TH interdental products.

A 1+1 free promotion produces by XCJ advertising production. This display was packed and filled by XCJ Fulfilment and Handling.

promotion and product information (according to 2TH CARE Products)

2TH mouthcare offers interdental carriers, toothpicks and floss for a shining and healthy teeth. These innovative products provide excellent and simple interdental teeth cleaning and are featured in this display since week 3 2021.

In the display:

2TH picks unbreakable toothpicks

These are unbreakable plastic toothpicks with a handy rag that make it easy to maintain your oral hygiene.

Removes food debris, plague and tartar by means of effective ridges which stimulates the blood circulation of the gums without damaging the crowns and bridges.

With this you will prevent and heal inflamed gums(gingivitis) and receding gums(periodontitis).

2TH Coniflex brushes

Cone-shaped interdental brushes for perfect cleaning between teeth.

The conical shape combines several brush sizes in one interdental brush. Ideal for users with different sizes of interdental spaces.

These brushes with handy flexible handle prevent inflamed and paradontitis.

2TH flex picks soft rubber brushes.

These are flexible, soft rubber toothpicks that easily remove plaque and food leftovers between the teeth.

They help to prevent bleeding and inflamed gums.