Production of displays

XCJ develops, designs and produces all your promotion and packaging material fast and carefully. XCJ distinguishes itself mainly by the fact that during the development of POS material we already take into account the producibility and dispatchability. (Something that seems logical but does not always happen in practice).

At our logistic center in Hasselt we fold, fill and ship your shop displays. We also prepare all your other promotional material and products for shipment there. In short: do you want to be secured of a tight schedule for the production and delivery of your promotional materials, contact XCJ.

15 years of experience

XCJ already has 15 years of experience with these activities for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Materials developed by us are present in all Dutch pharmacies, drugstores and many Dutch supermarkets. We know the production processes, can advise about on the use of materials, know the requirements for labelling and protection of articles. And we know what is needed for proper shipment.

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Dr. Hauschka display

Commissioned by Dr. Hauschka we produced this corrugated cardboards valentines display with small red boxes(sulfate cardboard). Action/product description(according to Dr. Hauschka) Give your valentine an

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Bausch + Lomb display

Commissioned by OTC Medical we produced this display for Kruidvat. These corrugated cardboard and offset printed shelf display presents the Bausch + Lomb’s range of

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Fluimucil display

Commissioned by OTC Medical we produced this display for Fluimucil. Fluimucil is a line of acetylcysteine-based medicines that liquefies tough mucus in the airways. The

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