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Hygiene pilar

Disinfection made easy with the hygiene pilar. This personalize-able pilar is a good means to communicate with the customer about the hygiene rules regarding Covid-19.


  • Improve compliance with the corona hygiene measures
  • Protect customers and employees against contamination and spread
  • Inform customers about the applicable rules
  • The perfect way to communicate announcements and/or bring new products to the attention

This is a cardboard packaging with the following individual components supplied as a kit. 900 x 400 x 200 mm.

Pole in 2 parts of which 1 pre-assembled with Dispenser and snap frame.

Loose bottom plate.

2x liquid bottle of 500 ml.

This display is available from stock.


Amount and price, VAT excluded

1 – €243,75

2 – €241,80

3 – €237,40

4 – €234,00

5 – €230,00

More on request – please send an email to info@xcj.nl with the desired amount

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