Fulfilment and handling

In Hasselt, near Zwolle, XCJ has a distribution centre for the shipment of promotional articles. Here we fold, fill, assemble and compile. Shop displays, promotional packages, mailings either large or small, nothing is too crazy for us. We prepare the most diverse promotional items here ready for dispatch. Just like all the other products that find their way to the retailer through us. XCJ is also the right address for all your warehousing needs

Compiling (permanent) displays

The placement of (permanent) displays with a lot of small products is not a easy job when it is left to the retailer. Especially if it involves a substantial load. It’s better to already fill in the promotion material with its contents, in such a way that the unpacking and putting it in place is the only thing the retailer still has to do. Partly because we operate from Hasselt, there are few projects we have to say no to.

Complex contents, large quantity of products, correct assortments. These are the projects we like to hold onto. Working accurately and flawlessly, and coordinating with our customers, enables us to process large volumes in a short space of time.

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Audispray display

Compact counter display for Audispray. In order to get extra attention to Audispray from the consumer, XCJ advertising Production developed a counter display commissioned by

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Dr. Hauschka display

Commissioned by Dr. Hauschka we produced this corrugated cardboards valentines display with small red boxes(sulfate cardboard). Action/product description(according to Dr. Hauschka) Give your valentine an

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Bausch + Lomb display

Commissioned by OTC Medical we produced this display for Kruidvat. These corrugated cardboard and offset printed shelf display presents the Bausch + Lomb’s range of

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Fluimucil display

Commissioned by OTC Medical we produced this display for Fluimucil. Fluimucil is a line of acetylcysteine-based medicines that liquefies tough mucus in the airways. The

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